Kung Fu Championships Anaheim California Success 2011

Hello all Kung Fu Championship Participants,

I would like to take the time to truly thank everyone for your efforts to insure that the Kung Fu Championships at the Anaheim Convention Center this year was both successful and completely positive for all competitors. Your dedication to the art has inspired me to continue my quest to unite the Kung Fu community for the sake of everyone’s future. It is my wish now that we continue to unite together for countless generations to come without hatred or animosity in our community.

In fact, the director of the tournament Sensei Anthony C Marquez was so pleased by the Chinese division that he is planning to make next year a much bigger and better event. To commemorate our accomplishments he has announced that next year the Tournament will have a Chinese Theme. What this means is that it will be up to the Kung Fu Championship to take leadership and organize a grand intro at the beginning of the tournament with as much performances and activities celebrating the Chinese Heritage and Culture of Kung Fu as possible.

With the help of everyone I believe that we will revolutionize Kung Fu in America and once again reclaim our place at the forefront of the International Martial Arts community. Let us fight together as true warriors, fighting for all humanity.


Shifu Sal Redner


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