Kung Fu Association 1st Meeting 2012


This year I will be helping lead the Tiger Claw Kung Fu Championships in Behalf of the Kung Fu Magazine at the Anaheim Disneyland World of Sports Origins Martial Arts Festival and Ed Parkers Long Beach International Tournament. As the #1 Kung Fu Championship in America for both Modern Wushu and Traditional Kung Fu it is my responsibility to insure safe, fare, and healthy competition in our community. It is my wish, that all Sifus would unite together and promote our Kung Fu Association in both Long Beach July 20-21 and Anaheim July 17-18 by attending the competition. If we could all agree to attend this monumental celebration, We could demonstrate to everyone how we can rebuild Kung Fu in America and rally support from others seeking to join our organization.

I am now counting on all of the teachers and leaders to support these tournaments by attending with as many student as possible and participating as Judges, volunteers, or Seminar Instructors. As the only active Kung Fu Association in southern California, it is our sole responsibility to unite together and promote Kung Fu to the world. We are at the forefront of a new generation working together for the sake of our future.



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