Wushu Shaolin Entertainment 2013 Bookings

Wushu Shaolin Entertainment 2013 Bookings

In behalf of Saint Vincent Medical Center, here is the evening showcase by Wushu Shaolin Entertainment at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Downtown Los Angeles. It was an enchanting evening at the 2013 fundraiser titled “Jewels of the Orient ” produced by Laura Thompson and her magnificent team of productions experts. Featuring the Shaolin Warriors, Outer Circle Crew, Lions Pride Kung Fu, Philip Sahagun, and members of the Wushu Shaolin Entertainment performance troupe the show was an absolute masterpiece and captivated the audience. Produced in commemoration of the recent Chinese New Year and inspired by the Shaolin Monks of China it was truly an inspiring spectacle.

Additional support was provided by Great Events, Mount Hua Entertainment, Art Director Tuyet Vong, and facilitating photographers.
For more information on Wushu Shaolin Entertainment or to book a show for your event please visit our website. http://www.wushushaolin.com/


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