Los Angeles Backyard Kung Fu Showcase and Lion Dance

In commemoration of the 2014 auspicious lunar new year, Wushu Shaolin Entertainment was invited to produce a small showcase for a private family function in Los Angeles, California. The event would mark the beginning of a new life for a newly married couple. In order to promote prosperity and good fortune for the new home, the newlyweds decided to invite Wushu Shaolin Entertainment to provide a unique cultural presentation and ceremonial Lion Dance. For centuries Kung Fu and Lion Dance presentations are a big part of Chinese culture. These presentations elicit hope, courage, and determination to tackle any obstacle that may obstruct people from achieving their dreams in life.

After much deliberation, Wushu Shaolin Entertainment invited Alvin Hsing, Alfred Hsing, Shifu Sal Redner, and Shifu Jeremy Hector to perform for the house warming party. In attendance, was a small group of close friends to welcome the newlyweds to their new home.

Although the home was not very large, the team managed to produce a small showcase in the backyard using the provided space. The presentation featured traditional forms of Shaolin Kung Fu, Modern Wushu, Chang Quan, Nan Quan, Bull Whip, Whip Chains, Sword, and Iron Arm Qi Gong. Each practitioner involved with the performance has dedicated their valuable lifetime perfecting the craft that is Kung Fu. Wushu athlete, Alfred Hsing has traveled to China countless times to study at the acclaimed Shi Cha Hai Wushu University. His involvement in the Wushu community has earned him a place on the USA Wushu team. As a former USA Wushu Team member and representative of the United States of America, Alfred won a Gold Medal at the Global Games Competition.

Since the turn of the century, Shifu Sal Redner began traveling across the globe to the birthplace of Martial Arts to study Wushu in Beijing and Shaolin Kung Fu in Deng Feng, China. As an inheritor of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Sal continues to learn the art and preserve it for the next generation of pioneers. As an American pioneer of Shaolin Kung Fu, Sal is revered by many for leading a pilgrimage to the Shaolin Temple each year. During repeated pilgrimages to the Shaolin Temple, Shifu Sal has developed great friends with Kung Fu teachers and Shaolin Monks. In China his training included modern routines compiled by the International Wushu Federation and traditional Kung Fu styles taught at the Shaolin Temple.

Alvin Hsing is another powerhouse who developed most of his talent as a determined United States Wushu athlete. As a professional actor and stuntman in Hollywood, Alvin has appeared in countless films and television programs featuring his unique martial arts abilities. Currently he is involved more frequently as a stunt coordinator and martial arts stuntman.


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Wushu Shaolin Entertainment is world renowned for producing Chinese Cultural showcases featuring the most creative cultural artisans in the industry. The company has produced shows in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, and throughout the United States of America. The presentations are renowned for inspiring men, women, and children. Each showcase requires months of preparation combining music, dance, wushu, shaolin kung fu, and elaborate Chinese cultural costumes. Our performers include shaolin warrior monks, black belt martial art specialists, and industry standard dragon dance professionals.

Wushu Shaolin Entertainment is most recognized for producing elaborate chinese cultural spectacles for leading clients. To book a live cultural performance, please contact us today.


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