Lion Dance Los Angeles Kung Fu Team – The Geisha Ball 2014

Wushu Shaolin Entertainment at the Geisha Ball
Wushu Shaolin Entertainment at the Geisha Ball

Wushu Shaolin Entertainment was proud to produce a spectacular presentation for The Geisha Ball during the 2014 Labor Day Weekend in Los Angeles, California. The performance featured the traditional Chinese Lion Dance and a Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu demonstration. This underground event featured an oriental inspired costume contest with the first place winner receiving $100 and free drinks.

The event was held at the Malediction Society Night and Dance Club Featuring DJ Vixen, Xian Vox. It was an annual Labor Day Weekend Massive Extravaganza entitled the Geisha Ball, combining the Exotic culture of the Orient while blending Chinese and Japanese cosplay wardrobes. All underground Society enthusiasts were encouraged to wear Asian inspired attire of the middle and Far East.

The event featured various cosplay dressed attendees including Geikos, Ninjas, Samurai, Chinese Ghosts, Japanese Demons, Shoguns, Emperors, Gods, Goddesses, Kimonos, Hakamas, Rice Hats, School Girl Uniforms, Saris, Nehrus, and even Chinese Fans. Modern and Classical interpretations of the orient were seen throughout the evening including authentic, folklore, theological, and even fictional inspired outfits. Throughout the night a secret panel of judge’s selected numerous people with amazing costumes to participate in the midnight costume contest.

When the clock struck midnight, Wushu Shaolin Entertainment took the center dance floor to deliver an exciting Wushu and Shaolin Kung Fu demonstration. The presentation featured Shifu Sal Redner, Alvin Hsing, Ashley Short, and Liu Xiaoyin from China. DJ Xian hit the speakers and a combination of Kung Fu movements and flying kicks rattled the floor as the crowd roared with anticipation. Shifu Sal went first with a Shaolin Kung Fu form that he learned while Training in the Shaolin Temple in Henan, Province, China. Second, Alvin Hsing flew into the dance floor with a tricking martial arts combination featuring a Butterfly Twist, and fast flying spinning kicks. Ashley Short dazzled the audience with her Wushu Sword skills combining choreography and movement. The final performance was from Shifu Sal Redner with the Double Whip Chains. People from around the room began cheering as the chains span at blinding speeds.

Once the Kung Fu show was finished, the team completed with a traditional Chinese Lion Dance. The Los Angeles Based Lion Dance is world renowned for performing around the world for famous dignitaries and celebrities. Be sure to subscribe to the official Wushu Shaolin Website and YouTube channel for more videos of the actual performance.


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