Lion Dance Team – El Monte Performance


On behalf of Bazic Products, Wushu Shaolin Entertainment was invited to perform the traditional Chinese Lion Dance for the grand opening of their new facility in El Monte, California. After thriving for countless years in Los Angeles, the company finally made a large jump and relocated to a larger warehouse to improve productivity and the highest quality of services for its customers.

The Chinese traditional Lion Dance is revered for promoting good luck and prosperity for new businesses and company endeavors. As a token of respect for the traditional customs, Wushu Shaolin Entertainment produced a compelling presentation for the new Bazic Products company warehouse. The performance began at the entrance of the facility with a small blessing ceremony, followed by a full cleansing of the entire warehouse and office space.

There is nothing more compelling that inspiring humanity to develop the courage of a lion and accomplish great success in life. For countless generations the lion dance has been a symbol of courage and hope during times of uncertainty. Wushu Shaolin Entertainment is proud to continue passing down the traditions handed down for so many generations.


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